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Susan Jones

Creative Behavior Systems
I love people.. We live in a tough time where connecting with others sometimes is difficult. Educators are dealing with not only their students and the students families stress but their own. Teaching tools to connect, engage and calm through knowledge and awareness is what I am most passionate about. Join me in learning of interventions, take away tools and how we have established a trauma informed approach to school reform. This isn't only about schools, this is about all of us.
"With over two decades of experience working with students, families, administration and teachers, Susan has the ability to permanently transform climate of environments- both directly and indirectly.
Susan takes her expertise in human development, and instead of simply training staff (which she does masterfully) or doing interventions with individuals, she transfers that expertise to others, who learn that a different set of behaviors can get their needs met while learning you can develop these skills, and draw on concrete tools, that help build strong relationships with colleagues, staff, students and families.
I've seen Susan present to community groups and at conferences. In both settings, Susan manages to send people home with a new, internal toolkit- the ability to generate new ideas grounded in the knowledge of human development, the impacts of trauma on the body and behavior, and on the ways that resilience shifts these dynamics. When knowledge is transferred in this way, participants develop the confidence to try out new strategies, right away, in any environment.
Susan's expertise is valuable to leaders, staff, families, students and communities seeking to become trauma informed and increase the resilience of members and their organizations. "
— Donielle Prince
ACES Connection, Regional Community Facilitator
San Francisco/Bay Area

Creative Behavior Systems offers Trauma Informed teaching, coaching and consulting in extensive educational reform utilizing current, research based systems for staff, families and communities.
Thursday, November 7

7:00am PST