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Eric Frandsen

Oceanside Unified
Coordinator, C&I
Oceanside, CA

Eric has worked in education for the past 18 years as a mathematics educator, project specialist and coordinator. Prior to launching his career in education Eric spent the 13 years working as a fishing boat captain, working in the fields of marine ecology, marine aquaculture  and geochemistry. Remembering several influential teachers who made an impact on his life, he decided that his experiences could help kids develop a love of learning. With his unique background and creative style, Frandsen’s middle school math students learned mathematical concepts by studying mussel shells to garner statistics, proportion golf to find the height of unreachable objects, and through his math-based stories. He has a passion for advancing teaching and learning through teacher driven cycles of inquiry and for creating learning experiences that blend math and science.  Eric is a National Board Certified Teacher, holds a Masters of Educational Leadership and was San Diego County Teacher of the Year in 2011.